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Looking For Mr. Right Now - 24 (all of Atlanta)

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Added 06-21-2014
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I love the city of Atlanta, it has so much to offer but I always get the drab question "why are you single". Apparently I havent met the right guy. But I guess this would explain why, the only 444444 things that matter to me are PERSONALITY AND CHEMISTRY (can you keep me laughing, hold a conversation, just as silly if not crazier than me), CHARACTER AND LOYALTY (are you humble, an optimist, do you hold grudges, play petty games and spiteful, are you the dog that has to sniff every passing tail, or can we I trust you with my heart mind body and soul), A SANE DDD MAN (were you born with a vagina or a penis, do I need to sleep with a .45 under my pillow because you have now become my stalker), FINANCIAL STABILITY (this tends to be the stunner, can I rely on you or am I going to have to pull out my card EVER)

Your Looks
How Endowed You Are or Arent
How Many Degrees You Have
Your Table Etiquette
How Well Versed You Are or Arent
Race, Age, and Status
NONE of this matters to me.
I know whether or not someone is finacially stable is considered shallow but hey ask yourself what areas are you shallow in.

How hard is it to find a man perfect in all 4 areas and yet a have a beautiful blossoming relationship.

Plz Be Serious,
Reply with " 4 things" in the subject
While looks dont matter plz be clean and send a pic, I would like a visual of who Im talking to.

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Atlanta Georgia

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